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 Here is my very first writing prompt! Share a story in the comments if this inspired you! 

 Here is my very second writing prompt! If this inspires you, please share in the comments!


  1. "I'm an Undercover Agent. But you can't tell anyone, or the spy agency will make sure you can't tell anyone else...permanently."
    She stares at him in shock, her heart slamming against her chest. She searches his face, waiting for the grin to appear, waiting for him to laugh, slap her on the back, and tell her he's only kidding. But he doesn't. His expression is dead serious.
    "Undercover Agent?" she echoes, with a short, nervous guffaw. Then her brow narrows and her tone drops a level lower. "You mean you've been keeping secrets?"
    He sighs, rubbing his temples in uncertainty. "Look, Ella, you don't understand--"
    "I don't understand? You're telling me I don't understand? I think you should be inspecting yourself. Do you fully understand how many people you've lied to?"
    He blinks, and then his face crumbles as he processes this reality, just like she knew he would. "I didn't have a choice."
    "But you did," she whispers. "I'm your sister. What, you don't trust me? After all we've been through?"
    "This is different."
    "Different?" Her voice cracks. "A secret is a secret."
    He buries his face into his hands. She stares at him in disbelief, silent tears running down her face as she wallows in the truth of such a betrayal. For several staggering, agonizing minutes, the silence stretches on. Then he lifts his head with another sigh. She meets his gaze, lifting her chin in defiance to whatever excuse he's about to make.
    But he doesn't.
    "I'm sorry."
    The apology lingers in the air, pulling and tugging at the invisible, fateful red strings connecting the two siblings. Ella struggles with how to handle with such a submission. Words float and fly through her brain, puzzle pieces of rebukes and replies just not falling into place.
    All she can manage is, "I forgive you." She takes another shaky breath. "Just no more secrets, got it?"
    He smiles, relief flooding his face. "Got it."
    "Now." She leans forward, resting her chin in her hands and throwing her eyebrows upward, then questions, "What's up with the whole Undercover Agent thing? I would like some info, thanks."

    * * *

    Loved writing this! Might use this for something, too. Thanks for the great prompt!

  2. Thanks so much! I want to hear more of your story! Do you think you could write more?

    1. No problem! It was lots of fun. Hmm...I might try. I just wrote whatever came to my mind, but maybe I'll see what I can add on to it. ;) I'll let you know if I do!

  3. "I'm an undercover agent. But you can't tell anyone, or the Spy Agency will make sure you can't tell anyone else... permanently."
    I stare at my best friend; we'd been best friends since pre-k, me and him. How could he not have told me?
    "How long?" I ask, in a futile attempt to break the invisible barrier that suddenly separated us.
    "Since we met," he says, looking down at the ground. I choke back tears.
    "I've known you forever! How could you not tell me?" I ask, ignoring the rain that is steadily pouring heavier.
    "I know. But soon, you won't remember that," he says, reaching into his pocket.
    "Not all of the memories- give me hints, leave clues, snatches of song... just in case."
    He nods, a silent promise in his eyes.
    I look down, and submit to the amnesia, the rain mingling with my tears until I don't know which is which.
    I forget it all, just like that. Suddenly I'm waking up at home, in my own bed, with a diary in my hand.

  4. "Where am I?" I ask.
    "You're in the Land of Dragons. And don't even think about trying to escape. I've tried; there's no way back."
    I stare at the girl in front of me, weighing my options, wondering whether or not I should believe her.
    "Fine. Don't listen to me then." She shrugs, tilting her head slightly to the side as she observes me. I probably look pitiful: confused, shivering, and soaked to the skin. The downpour is still heavy but she doesn't seem to notice. She seems like the girl who wouldn't give a care in the world. The smirk is still plastered to her lips, but it doesn't seem to reach her sad eyes as she leans forward and whispers, as if we're sharing a secret. "You'll find out soon enough."
    I snap my head back and glare at her.
    "Where are the dragons?"
    She gestures to the sky and murmurs, "Watch."
    I turn my gaze to the pale blue, afternoon sky. The air is fresh, the sky light and beautiful, but I realize with a start there is no sun or clouds. The sky is completely and totally clear. I open my mouth to address this to the awed girl beside me when there's an ear shattering roar.
    I sink to the floor in a silent, gaping scream as the majestic winged creature emerges above us, and the lovely day is instantly transformed to the blackest night I have ever seen.

    1. Wow! That was SO good! I actually came up with that prompt because I am writing a book called The Land of Dragons! But that was WAY better than what I have written so far. 😄

    2. Thank you! Neat! Aww, thanks. :) I'm sure your book is wonderful!

    3. Yes, but you are SO good at writing!

    4. So are you! And the more you write, the more the quality of your writing improves. Don't give up! ;)

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    1. Thanks, Zielle! BTW I love your name! :D


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